Brushes review: Winsor Newton series 7 vs Rosemary and Co

Need help deciding on the best brush for a Christmas treat..?

Winsor & Newton series 7 brushes are often considered the best brushes for miniature painting. Do they live up to their reputation? Check this Winsor & Newton series 7 and Rosemary & Co. brushes review to see how they compare to Rosemary brushes.

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Skaven Warlock Engineer

Had a lot of fun time limiting myself to painting this old Skaven model, total paint time was about 8 hours! I must have bought this model a long time ago when I was younger as its no longer in production and had a dirty half hearted attempt at starting the cloak as red, which I have continued. Today I managed to pick up some new basing material from the local model shop which you can see below near his paws.

I am really tempted to attempt to put some OSL on this model.. will see if the mood takes me in the new few days..

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skaven2skaven3 skaven5 skaven6 skaven7 skaven9

Massive Voodoo – Bananalicious!

A new online competition announced from the Jungle!

Bananalicious BannerThe prize pool is set to be epic, along with the entries. I will have to get thinking hard on something to enter. I entered a diorama to their last competition, “Forged Hope”, I used a lot of new techniques to me and learned a lot. Hopefully I will put some new techniques under my belt this time around and better some of my existing ones.


Small scale diorama work in progress.

These German World War 2 soldiers, “Gebirgsjäger” are specialised at fighting in mountainous areas. The models are from Zvezda and in 1/72 scale – will be the smallest scale I have ever painted!

A couple of websites which explain more about the Gebirgsjäger and that will help me to paint them in more accurate colours: